YOUR CONSULTANT IS Christy Howard Star Director

My Story

I was first introduced to Scentsy in March 2010 when I attended a fundraiser. I loved the product and couldn't decided which scent to pick because there were so many I liked. The consultant (my friend) joked that I could join and get all of them. I thought wow for $99 I could have them all. Once I found out that I only had to buy or sell $150 every three months I decied to join. I had no intentions of selling the product because I thought I was too busy owning my own retail business, volunteering for mastiff rescue and writing a weekly blog for a major newspaper. I was not going to "do" parties.

I was so excited when my "starter kit" arrived and quickly put the catalogs and order forms back in the box and in the closet. I just wanted my warmer and scents and I loved them! A few weeks later a friend approached me and asked if I would do a fundraiser for her. I told her yes but I didn't know how, but I had website. She raised over $500 for her friend in need and I got a lot of free product for being the host. Then my Scentsy "business" sat and sat and I got a termination letter due to inactivity. I placed a $150 order and was just as excited when that box arrived.

In October two different friends approached me and said they wanted to sell Scentsy to make a little extra money for the holiday season. I told them great but I had no idea how to sign them up, thank goodness the website makes it easy. In late November I hosted a cookie exchange party and my friend that signed me up as well as my friends I sigend up were there and informed me that I was really close to becoming a lead consultant.I told them great and that I had no idea what that meant, they explained that I would get commision off of their sales.  They had a great month selling and I had a few online orders and was only $150 away. I told my husband and he said "well get on it". That is when I woke up to the opportunity of Scentsy. I started reading all I could and was so impressed with the training Scentsy offered. In December I attended my first team meeting and in January 2011 I became a director now have over 300 in my group!

I have traveled to the home office in Meridian ID, Las Vegas, HIlton Head Island, Indy New York, and Mexico with Scentsy! I am having a BLAST!!!! 

We have an amazing team with people all across the country. I love watching consultants work together and becoming friends. We would love to have you join our team!! 

So email or call me -  (817) 988-8539 and let me help you fall in love with Scentsy!

Have a great day!

Christy Howard